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A Person of Influence by John Maxwell

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Nurturer Personality:



What connotates the Nurturer Personality?

Here are 6 personality traits of an individual with a Nurturer Personality:

Commits to People

Believes in People

Is Accessible to People

Provides Opportunities to People

Is Giving to People with no Strings Attached

Lifts People to a Higher Level

Now that you’ve a better idea of what exactly it means to be nurturing (a.k.a. a nurturing influencer), you can put it into practice.


Yes, you can immediately begin to use it with the people who are important in your life (friends, fellow church-goers, employees, relatives).  It will be fun to see the results.

As you do this practice,  you will become better at it.  It should become “second nature”.

You do it by giving.  Begin by giving to others in these areas:

* Love

* Respect

* Perspective

* Encouragement

* Recognition

* Sense of Security

* Sense of Belonging

* Positive Self Worth

* Sense of Significance



Additionally, here are some Tips to ENCOURAGE Others


And a worthwhile Leadership Resource :

4 Leadership Styles That Trigger Peak Performance (John Maxwell article )




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