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Welcome to Self Improvement Info Just For U.  Here you will find a lot of resources, and ways to improve yourself through “personal development”.

This is truly the way to go if you want to be successful online, and you have a steadfast desire to help people.

You know what I’m saying – if you’re a “people person” and you know you want to do some type of affiliate marketing online, or you want to help people by coaching them (as either a Personal Dev’t coach or an online mentor).



If you’re interested in marketing and want to learn Affiliate Marketing from me, go to  & SIGN up.

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My primary websites:

Self Improvement Info Just For U –

I suggest you begin with these 5 posts:

  1. Find Your Inner Guide
  2. Self-Sabotage
  3. Becoming a Person of Influence
  4. A Person of Influence Navigates for Others
  5. 8 Resources & Tools for Effective Leadership
  6. Leadership: Connecting with Others

Self wealth can be something other than monetary, by the way.
Some seek to improve upon themselves so that they can assist
other people.

IN my case, I find reward and “self respect” in doing volunteer work



Jan Ashby     Jan Ashby

My primary website:




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