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Are You Ready to Pay it Forward in Your Home Biz? Do You Have What it Takes to Use Leadership Tactics Effectively?

I have to be truthful, I was happy-go-lucky and immature in my younger days. I did not often think of others first. One could say I was a bit flighty. Was always pushing on, trying to get things accomplished in a straightforward manner.  One thing with this methodology though – there is little room for […]

Self Confidence in Yourself Develops Self Wealth:

Leadership Skills: Striving to Reach Goals? Martin Jeszke has been involved with Personal Development for over 16 years – both in the corporate world & now in his new career of Internet Marketing.  His mentors are Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy and Stephen Pierce.  In this article, Martin tells of confident people, those who truly walk […]

Definition of Communication

Your company communication skills should be complete and flawless. This is business and we are talking about investments. As one business entrepreneur, you should be able to come up with ways and means in order to bridge the gap that exists between you and your staff.

Or, if you are simply departmental personnel who take charge of the incoming and outgoing communication based-elements, you should be at your best so that you will be very successful in your task. The business arena is so vast and is moving at a top pace so any inattention on your part will automatically drive the customers into the midst of another business firm.

Business communication is not solely confined to the application of administrative support ..

Work at Home Mums – Simple Exercises For the Mind and Body – Yoga Breathing

Have you ever given up on an activity like meditation or yoga because you don’t have the time?  For busy work at home mums, taking an hour out of the schedule to do meditation, pilates, yoga, or relaxation techniques is usually a luxury that we just can’t afford to do daily. Have you thought of […]

What is Leadership? John Maxwell Shares His Advice and Valuable Tips:

Leadership:  John Maxwell “The Meaning of Mentoring” by John C. Maxwell and Jim Dornan (This is an excerpt from John C. Maxwell’s book, “Becoming a Person of Influence”) “Giving people the motivation to grow without also providing them the means of doing it is a tragedy. But the mentoring process offers people the opportunity to […]

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