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How Do You Change Your Life for the Better – Do You Want to Know How You can Be More Effective as a Leader?

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How Do You Change your Life?

by Jan Ashby

You may be wondering, “How do you change your life?”  The very fact you are asking this question indicates you want a better life.  Yet you are wondering how to begin.


Books that Will Change Your Life

How Do You Change Your Life Well, the first thing is a wonderful book called Finding Your Own North Star.  THis book is amazing and I HAVE read it; it helps you peel back the layers, and figure out if you are committing


That is, if you are somehow keeping yourself from true success, due to emotional pain. You can change you life for the better, and gain success online – but only once you have done the work via self-help tests, and made an effort to know yourself and your inner demons (gain perspective), so that you can move ahead on your true path (North Star helps one uncover this). There are reasons why human beings fail to find the success they deserve.  They may feel that they do not deserve it – so they derail success (self-sabotage) in some way.  There are good examples of this in the book– for instance:

Simon likes his marketing job, but is experiencing a lack of success.  Now, he is ready to quit.  I ask him, “Imagine your most fabulous life – if money was no object, describe how your happiest week would go.”  Simon says, “I would have a different car every day of the week, I’d go to my job, work, come home & have dinner & then go to sleep.”  I reply in astonishment, Is that the best you can come up with?

It turns out, Simon was severely limiting his dreams because he had been deeply hurt. His girlfriend had been killed in a traffic accident, and he was suppressing his feelings about it; he hadn’t shared with anyone just how much he had loved her, so in short the healing process never began for him – once he opened up to me and shared his feelings of loss and despair, his healing could start and Simon could begin anew – his dreams of a new, and better future could take hold.

Do you see what happened here – Simon had been “stuck in the past” because he had never opened up & shared his feelings with anyone.  Are you doing this?  Most adults have some pain or hurt from the past that they are repressing.  But don’t despair – the self-help tests in Finding Your Own North Star are comprehensive, and will “light the way” toward a better understanding of your inner self & why you do some of the self-destructive things you do.

It is worth examining.  Did you know you can USE your pain to propel yourself forward & achieve great things?

Have a Breakthrough & Then Lead Others

And once you have had a breakthrough, you can then begin to help others.   You can lead others, and be empathetic toward others.  Show them that you understand, and know where they’re coming from; proceed to help them.  This is how you {build_your_team}.


And because you’ve put in the effort to understand yourself, you KNOW the process, and can use this experience to counsel people interested in having a home business



One of the things that is so important for the home business entrepreneur is knowing SEO tactics (search engine optimization).  Tackling this is quite an endeavor, and a challenge.  But the Sakura Project (of which I am a member) can guide you to being on first page of Google,if that is one of your top priorities this year.


Sakura Project Worldwide:  Beginners WordPress, SEO, Consumer Education Beginners WordPress

The Sakura Project offers aid in the areas of Personal Development, consumer education (learn about how to access discounts on auto insurance, life insurance, how to buy a home & save some money e.g.), Beginners WordPress (& Intermediate), and seo tactics. Those familiar with WordPress will have a head start.  The wordpress/SEO course is delivered in a step by step manner, and in bite-sized chunks. It’s a video course, and it’s clear cut and to the point.


You may have some concerns on whether you can tackle the course – yet I am here to assist, and am available by Skype.  It is not a terribly difficult course, so long as you have some familiarity with a computer.  Video creation is a big part of this, but don’t let it scare you off.  You don’t have to film yourself, if you’re shy.  There are other ways – you don’t have to be in front of the camera. One of the easiest video programs is Jing; I use this myself, but there are others too.

Sakura Project and Beginners WordPress

Sakura does have a special part of the course – beginners WordPress.  It teaches what you need to do in an easy, step-by-step fashion. There is also parts of the course which are for Advanced.  For instance, if you know some about keyword research you’d start with Advanced Keyword research videos.

As far as the question “how do you change your life“, there is not an easy fix.  Yet it is doable; you must examine yourself & your past choices.  Examine which “fork in the road” you took on Life’s major occasions.  See if self-sabotage was at play.  This is what the book Finding Your Own North Star helps you to do. Let’s Connect..


JAN ASHBY Home Business Entrepreneur

JAN ASHBY Home Business Entrepreneur


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