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8 Free Online Tools and Resources for Effective Leadership

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8 Free Online Tools and Resources for Effective Leadership


What do John Maxwell and other highly effective leaders have in common?

  • They inspire and motivate others
  • Maintain strong eye contact when listening
  • Upon listening, provide feedback and ask questions
  • Paraphrase to ensure no misunderstandings occur
  • Are not overly harsh with criticism (leaders empathize)
  • Are to the point and provide helpful suggestions

They have a laser focus and do not become distracted while listening. In fact, a good listener (like John C. Maxwell) is truly focused in and is actively looking for similarities between himself and the other person. In this way, a bond is formed. Now, the listener is far less likely to misunderstand, and the speaker is placed at ease. This is key. Good leaders (effective leaders) know the importance of effective communication. Learn more of John Maxwell and effective leadership: Here are 8 Free Resources on John Maxwell and effective leadership –

  1. A Blog devoted to John Maxwell and his teachings. A Resource Chock full of tips and helpful hints on Executing Effective Leadership
  2. Article by John Maxwell – This article was quite helpful.
  3. A Slideshow on Being an Effective Leader – Concise and to the point, this is a visual medium that I enjoyed. If you are visual, you might enjoy this
  4. Excellent Kindle version of “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions: Your Foundation for Successful Leadership”
  5. Young Readers’ John Maxwell List- Read the list here
  6. Video starring John Maxwell: This video details “leading up” – i.e., influencing those above you (not just those below). Breathtaking motivational speaker who speaks from a historical perspective – so you can get a perspective on the topic of leadership (where we are now, compared to where we were in the 1980’s and 1990’s)
  7. Second video with John Maxwell – Ennumerates on what is the best reason to want to become a leader. Great leaders are first listeners and learners, then leaders, he explains. Very good quality audio/video –> If you learn best visually, view this one!
  8. Third excellent, in depth video on The Law of Intuition : When I say “in depth”, I mean there is a breadth and a depth to this video. Herein, the law of intuition is explored. Developing your natural intuitiveness will give you a great advantage, as a leader.
  9. PDF of some inspiring John Maxwell books (along w/ other authors) : CHECK IT OUT

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