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In John Maxwell’s book “Becoming A Person of Influence“, he speaks about how a leader helps a person tap into their passion – even if a quiet person, he/she nevertheless has passion. Dig deep.

Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to, when all they need is one reason why they can.” – Willis Whitney, Scientist

Here are 5 Suggestions to Help a Person Find Passion:

  1. Take a Look at Yourself – Do Some Self Examination – if you don’t know how to begin, here’s an excellent read:  Finding Your North Star
  2. Brainstorm Ideas –> For Best Results, Get a Pen and Paper & Just Let it Flow. You don’t want to censor yourself; you want to understand yourself
  3. Take Action – A Most Important Step
  4. Do Not Be Afraid of Failing – This, after all, is how you learn (Duh!) **Note:  It May Help You to Talk to a Friend Who Likely Has Some Experience in failing
  5. Decide on a Particular Area to Concentrate on, and focus like hell!

(Be Sure to Surround Yourself Only with Positive Influences, and Do Not Listen to That Negative Inner Voice in your Head)

I was very overprotected as a youth, and was not given much chance to make mistakes and then learn from them.  So I can speak from actual experience that it is not the way to go, for most people.  Brainstorm ideas & think long & hard about just how much you can gain – true learning, and inner strength will be gained in most cases (for most people).  Again I suggest you find a good resource, sit down (in a quiet place where you’ll be undisturbed) and read the book and examine yourself & take down notes.  Have a sheet of paper with 2 columns on it – 1 column for your weaknesses and the other column for your strong points.

Next, start to go through the chapters of “Finding Your Own North Star”

Inner Compass

Find Your Inner Compass!

(or similar readings) and take time for self-examination after each & every chapter.

For Future Reference:

Group Brainstorming

Reverse Brainstorming

The Stepladder Technique

Understanding Yourself:  Understand Others By Understanding Yourself (an Amazon book)

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