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Leadership Skills: Striving to Reach Goals?

Martin Jeszke Personal DevelopmentMartin Jeszke has been involved with Personal Development for over 16 years – both in the corporate world & now in his new career of Internet Marketing.  His mentors are Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy and Stephen Pierce.  In this article, Martin tells of confident people, those who truly walk on air – they are a very positive breed..

He speaks about how, if you believe in yourself and in your abilities, your new-found confidence will help you to build relationships, make a great speech, get a promotion..  Personal Development and Confidence Your light will SHINE, and you will become a formidable opponent in your chosen field.

“Your eyes are the mirrors of your soul and when you are self confident you are a leader among men. Leadership is a skill you can or will acquire, and it is a key quality of becoming a very confident individual. Have belief in you, your family, and in life and you will truly develop self wealth.

You’ll be amazed by what you can achieve when you are really positive about yourself. You will be able to acquire tremendous leadership development skills.”   Read more

Here’s a unique video on striving and reaching goals – find out what MAY be holding you back !


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