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Set Your Goals For Self Development

It is important to set your goals for self development Why is this? When you begin the process, you will start to realize some of what your dreams and aspirations are, and through this process of self analysis and goal setting, you’ll see that it is indeed possible to improve yourself and become a better […]

What is Leadership? John Maxwell Shares His Advice and Valuable Tips:

Leadership:  John Maxwell “The Meaning of Mentoring” by John C. Maxwell and Jim Dornan (This is an excerpt from John C. Maxwell’s book, “Becoming a Person of Influence”) “Giving people the motivation to grow without also providing them the means of doing it is a tragedy. But the mentoring process offers people the opportunity to […]

Life Coach Listening Skills


Listening is an Essential Skill Set It is essential to possess superior active listening skills if you are to have the desired effect as a Life Coach. For to be an effective life coach, you must come to know and understand your client very well — what interests him, his ambitions, his strengths, his weaknesses, […]

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